Nutrition in early years

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Urooj Sultan Ali
Childhood Development based in Thatta Optimal nutrition in the early years not only encourages growth and development to the child’s complete potential it also supports and reinforces healthy eating habits that help to overall health and wellbeing and that may extend into later childhood and beyond, but also good nutrition helps holistic development. Nutrition plays an important role in the growth of a child, nutritional status during the early years can have a major impact on the child’s health status, as well as the ability to learn, communicate, understand and socialize. Scientists have proved that the early years of a child are very critical. This is the period when 80% of the brain develops and that’s why the caregivers need to take care of the nutrition of a child, but if you are confused about providing proper nutrition, then there are some ideas that parents and caregivers can apply. First of all, it is essential for a newborn child to at least consume breast milk for 6 months and should not have even some drops of water, in a survey of WHO it has come out that only near 40% of mothers from Pakistan do that but 60% are don’t that’s why there is a lack of vitamins in their children. Sometimes parents complain that their child is very selective and choosy in food one of the main reason behind such tendency is that when the child starts eating caregivers don’t make them taste every flavor or meal but after some time when the taste buds of a child are strongly build then they expect from a child to eat such thing that they had never eaten and tasted before, that’s why it’s important that when a child starts eating make them eat homemade food which includes a variety of tastes. because the variety in food helps to provide all nutrients and helps to maintain a balanced diet.

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