Fill your life with love and peace

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Iqra Rasheed Sial
“LOVE IS CREATIVE NATURAL AND LIGHT. ON THE OTHER HAND, HATE IS DESTRUCTIVE, UNNATURAL AND MAKES YOU HEAVY.THE CHOICE IS YOURS” Newton saw apple falling down and discovered the law of earth’s magnetic power i.e. gravitation. Everything in the universe is being balanced by the just opposite forces such as positive-negative, day-night, male-female and matter-antimatter etc. similarly, the opposite force of gravitation is levitation. Levitation (from latin levitas “lightness”) is a process by which an object is held aloft, without mechanical support, in a stable position. Several mystical people have performed navigational activities many a times in the past. Lets try to understand it with these questions? Do you feel heavy when sick, sad and stressed? Do you feel light when healthy, happy and relaxed? Do you feel heavy in crowded and polluted place? So gravitational force pulls you downwards, but levitational force lifts you upward. Gravitational force is more concerned with your body, its moment and digestive system, but levitational force is concerned with your mind, heart and soul. Gravitation connects you to the earth but levitational connects you to the universal energy. Love to levitate Did you ever observe when you are filled with love you feel like flying? The frequency and vibrations of pure love are so natural, and in tune with your inner harmony, that you feel like flying. When you love, your life energy move upward and you feel light, but while you hate something, it flows downwards. Love transforms your entire being. How to feel light? Hydrate: The nature of water is to flow and the same applies with your life energy. Your body retains water when you do not supply enough water to it. Keeping yourself hydrated enough is one of the easiest ways to feel light. Don’t chew same thought: Repetition of same thought or words make you more mechanical rather than being natural. Until you do not feel nature in present you cannot attain the inner lightness. Love as medicine: The best free available medicine in the universe is the feeling of love which can heal you from almost any disease. Love not to gain something but love as a sun, the moon and nature loves you without any expectations. The Y analysis: The English alphabet Y is very useful for finding root cause of your all heaviness. You may be filled with love or hate which will always being triggered by your conscious or unconscious state of being.

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