A Challenge for Pakistan’s Peace

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Sadia Rasheed
A tragic incident took place in Peshawar recently. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a mosque where Muslims were offering Friday prayers. This tragedy is a conspiracy against Pakistan. These elements, who are the masterminds behind this, desire to disrupt Pakistan’s stability and damage Pakistan’s foreign policy. These conspiracies are to tarnish the image of Pakistan. The Peshawar attack is a testament to the enemy’s nefarious maneuvers to sabotage Pakistan’s image in the international community. The Peshawar terrorist attack is undoubtedly a vicious attempt by the enemies of Pakistan to destabilize Pakistan once again. Prior to the incident, the return of the New Zealand team was also a tactic of the enemy and they threatened the team by sending fake emails. As a result, the team returned to New Zealand, claiming that it had security concerns. Leaving this issue behind, the Australian team is now on tour after 24 years and is playing its first cricket match at the Rawalpindi Stadium. Meanwhile, a bomb exploded at a mosque just two hours away. Many important events were taking place that day. Most importantly, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) met in France. The enemy of peace did his best not to include Pakistan in the green list. Because the meeting was going on at that time and this explosion took place in which more than 30 Muslims were martyred and several were injured. Undoubtedly, it is a great achievement and honor for Pakistan to be elected Vice President of the UNEA Body for Environment in the global effort to provide environmental resilience and environmental resilience to the world through global climate. Pakistan is a peace loving country and it always stands with those who work for peace. Pakistan has recently declared its neutrality in the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The European Union and the United Nations want Pakistan to play a positive role in resolving the Russia-Ukraine issue. This shows the importance of Pakistan in the international community. I believe that no power can harm Pakistan with its superior tactics because Pakistan is established in the name of Islam and Pakistan will last as long as this world exists. The enthusiasm of the government and the people is such that they can sacrifice their lives for Pakistan. The enemies of Pakistan should keep in mind that the government, the opposition parties and the people of Pakistan are united for the integrity of Pakistan.

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