Toxic parenting tool

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Usama Mughal
A few parents are so much toxic which often levy very exorbitant stress upon their childrens—at very tender age—leading them towards sickness and disordered; both mentality and emotionally.Toxic parents are often ego-centric, manipulative, inattentive being growned up with them can be a knotty experience, and it takes time to heal.Mushrooming expectations of parents, mingled with academic pressure, leave children venerable to rain of problems. Educational superiority must not be parent’s sole interest. Children undergoing parental pressure to excel in educational institution are often unwilling to attempt anything until and unless they are motivated, encouraged and convinced that they will be the best at it. They experience abysmal apprehension of being perceived as imperfect by their toxic parents. Children reeling under parent’s immense duress may also be victim of being mental maladies, sleeping apnea, anorexia, distraught with poignant anxiety and defensive attitudes.In addition, certain fatal pressure diminishes children’s interest and hobbies in having any activities as well as keep them aloof from their relatives, friends and family. Afraid of obtaining failure may also get them addicted to squalid acts,like drugs, cigarettes, liquor and many more which deter children from communicating with their parents. What is more agonizing note is that myriad of parents—teeming with toxic mentality— want to live their lost dreams via children and tend to start planning their children’s future— rather then living children’s desired dreams— when the child is rather young and immature.Parents must relinquish their self-centered and toxic outlook against their vulnerable children; furthermore, encourage and motivate them about what they actually want to do in their life as well as allow them to pursue their own desired dreams and opt their professional career bourne instead of imposing mammoth pressure and restrictions upon their children.

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