Inflation in Turbat

Bibgar Nisar
Turbat is one of the most populated cities in Balochistan where everything is expensive. Because of rising inflation poor people are being to be alternated.Rising of nutrimental price in Turbat the rate of poverty is increasing day by day. The price of nutritions are the on peak due to the shortage of cooking oil in the city of Turbat.Another great due is the local buses which are appointed to carry people but unfortunately they are being used to supply cooking from Turbat to Quetta,which is being bad sign for the public of Turbat city.The rate for people of cooking oil is 3600 in Turbat but in Quetta same oil rate is 3100.It is as well is the symbol of falling the public of turbat in well.The leading question is why the rate is increased in Turbat? we are trading it to another cities but we are tolerating a very high price.However these check posts are taking money and allowing the the this kind of smuggling of oil. I request to the district administrations and all institutions please stop this action.So that the poor people of Turbat city should not be face troubles in their three times food.For stoping this activity people do not involve in bad activities.

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