Sewerage agony in Hub

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Mahnoor Javed
Through your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards open gutters which is one of the worst issues in Hub city.It seems in many areas of Hub city gutters’ pipes are broken and choked and stinking water is standing. This unsanitary condition is affecting people’s health. In addition, people are suffering from various diseases. This standing stinking water has become procreation for mosquitoes. Therefore, a lot of people are suffering from malaria and their health is becoming progressively worse. Ahead, while crossing bridges, people face very difficulties because of the foul-smelling water. Unlikely, people of our city have to view these sewers in their daily life like bluest city water which are found in foreign countries. What is more, there are also fears of these bridges collapsing due to rains and many times they have broken down and sewer water had spread wheat in many areas. People would not face such aggravating circumstances if gutters had pipes. There is a saying “Health is wealth”. However, if the environment and the areas are not cleaned, people can never have a healthy life. No matter, how much they clean houses and use clean, fresh, and pure food.The concerned authorities should look into the matter and solve the issues as soon as possible so that people can live in hygienic conditions.

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