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Rabail Shah
Life is the most difficult exam I ever faced in my Both decade. ” Life is not a bed of roses” Life is the most precious gift which is given by Allah (God). Allah showers his blessings on his creatures . But sometimes difficulties come in life to polish and make creative person. That is why it is said”never give up until we done. Just should be focused on our target And don not be purposeless , keep moving on towards our goal if we want to get succeed ” . Life is full of challenges. Everyday brings new challenge to face and everyone has to confront it to progress whether they are young or old.They have to bear hardship in life to make bright future.For instance, I had to face a lot of difficulties when I came from a small town into a city .I beared criticism happily and kept improving my myself and finally, I get little bit appreciation from the people. Besides hardworking and struggling, intelligence and jugging the people are very important factor in the present era . Everyone is not trustworthy and loyal. Even our own relatives. They are always ready to defeat us.They act like that and feel us that they r with us but internally they are not. To be honest nobody want to see us on a better place than them.They undermine their’s opponent ,and show jealousy on every circumstances .That is why everything should be done boldly and carefully to save from envious. For instance ,my opponents tried their best level to fall me down & To give up on my live! .but I understood their’s intentions and saved myself from them .I didn’t stop myself working hard and kept struggling .I kept moving on to my destination and became the man of experienced.Life is like examination hall. Everyone wants to get highest marks and get reward There are two types of people .one is hard worker and second one is cheater. The same thing happen in real life. Hard worker keeps working hard and make his life beautiful and luxury. ” Such as My best friend ” sajjad jatoi “who is one of the great hard worker, he works really hard to make his dream come true and I am pretty sure that he’s not far from his dream. on the other hand there are cheater they cheat during exams.if they doesnot get chance to cheat so they show jealousy and become a black sheep. In short, life is full of difficulty ,hardship and mysteries. Everyday bring new hope of happiness. Merely, precaution can save us from difficulties.


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