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Mehwash Aman
I am shocked to see some facts about poverty in the world.The first thing to be considered is that we ought to solve the problems of immigrants.Their first problem is that people who immigrate can not speak and understand English.They can not communicate with foreign people. They want to read but they can not get good education due to poverty.Second problem is that when people move to another country,they need to pay much money for immigration.If family budget is poor then parents have to work hard for long time even they leave their families for earning money.They can not spend times with their families which is regrettable for them. Sometimes this poverty becomes the biggest reason of crime.If people don’t find other way then they go for stealing and other crimes which becomes disgraceful for our countries.The world is going towards development but we are deprived from our fundamental needs. Government should introduce some programs for overcoming on these issues.Funds should be given to those who are entitled of it.Government can reduce the rates of crime by doing such programs.

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