Duties of politicians in Pakistan

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There are yet many more smart politicians who hided themselves from NAB convictions. However, NAB role is quiet significant in terms of justification. On the other hand Shehbaz Sharif was called out for money laundering case as his case was real too. Beside him any politicians who are involved in any bad job and corrupt activities should not be free from NAB rather arrest and give them punishment because no one is above the law according to Pakistan’s constitution. But yet the action is taken in a justified manner. Since our religion don’t permit corruption rate to be developed as Pakistan is a Muslim country and a Muslim country should follow Islamic laws. So people don’t heed on this issue. Similarly, the funds for roads and other infrastructures would come at a time. As soon as the time arrives for funds, we get only few money in which a project is stopped for years. It means money is eaten by those people who own. These following things are the main reasons for today’s backwardness. The question arises why the country is so much incompetent and backward in terms of economic growth? The major reason is these politicians have hit us greatly. In the same manner Pakistan doesn’t have good plannings. They plan more and expect less. They only show their party’s ability by words but doesn’t follow the same principles. That’s why the nation gets fool soon and give their precious votes. As a result neither something is expected nor there is possibility of such actions. If this continues the situation what types of leaders we get in the future? It seems to be right that the political situation in Pakistan can go more worse. If we see the country like Bangladesh has gone so far forward with perfect policies. Right now Bangladesh has an impressive track record of growth and poverty reduction. For being one of the poorest nations st birth in 1971 with per capita GDP tenth lowest in the world. But it is surprising that tje country almost covered it’s all weakness and is more better than Pakistan. Due to their performances a common man is deprived of three times meals. If such performances were not performed, we would have gained prosperity and prosperous lives with facilities. The situations are so unbearable in the current time. Therefore the citizens get compelled and ultimately suicide due to lack of employment and poverty. In the 21st century of development, Pakistan is in the grey list Pakistan still remains on FATF grey list. Even though there is agricultural products crisis like urea in which farmers are in the hot water. The lack of political sense and poor concentration on poor lives is destroying Pakistan’s image too. The politicians also accompany politics in every aspect to justify themselves as a correct person. By the time the politicians changes but their mind doesn’t. No mind’s focus is on prosperity of Pakistan but for corruption and enriching their families and ignoring the public’s rights. This is not the duty of a politician. We want Pakistan to be free from corruption but the politicians want to fill their stomachs with unlawful foods. If we observe the political background the idea comes that no one is working seriously since we see bad reactions from every sides. No one proves to be honest. These actions of politicians really hurt us too much. Hence, politicians should take lessons to take the right path and for this reason and the concerned authorities of Pakistan who fight for corruption should try hard to remove corrupt ones.

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