Mohammed Khaku
This is a song recorded by American country music singer Thomas Rhett & Links “The lyrics begin with “We’ve gone east, west, north and south, but now this country needs to go down….”“Stop calling for adventure with drones and fighter jets…Down with America! Dig Down, Dig Down…” Go ahead listen and sing along! The above music is amazing with multiple meanings, and the satire is very clever. I adore it because you can criticize the government and still love the country. You cannot do this in the Bedouin kingdom, because you will be executed for insurrection. This is a tongue and cheek song which says a lot that is wrong with our country.Many people will be offended by my piece and the song which is satire, but one can not look back at America’s history and turn your face away or bury in the sand.It takes great love from the country duo Rhett and Link to point its flaws in the US foreign policy.It is so accurate and hilarious, no need to be offended. I love America: you have to see the negatives and flaws to improve it or avoid making the same mistakes again.What an irony. Just 22 years ago Colin Powell went to the United Nation to go to WAR and last week Anthony Blinken sat in the same chair where Powel sat to lecture the world to prevent a war. Just a caution for high school children, do not sing in the chorus in the school corridors you may be suspended or disciplined. Down with America slogans by Iranians: The slogan has been mistranslated and misinterpreted by the Zionist media similar to Black Lives Matter slogans.Over the years police violence against African American, racial bias and unfairness of policing, BLM have called for redirection of police funding towards social services.The critics of BLM have pounced on the slogans as disbanding the police, which is completely false. No one wants a community without police.Mohammad Nahavandian, chief of staff of Iran’s former President said that:“…. this slogan is against interference in Iran’s policies, overthrowing elected prime minister at the time Mossadegh… kind of government who shoots airplane full of innocent passenger (referring to Iran Air Flight 655) …For Iranian it’s not the people of America, per se it’s policies, arrogance and behavior of the policy makers… We do not really want death to anyone. The slogan is simply against those government i.e., US and Zionist Israel” From Wikipedia Rick Steve’s an experienced travel writer/broadcaster, in an interview on NPR regarding his travel to Iran question if Iranian really mean death to the US or Israel?Rick Steve travels with a taxi driver in Tehran screaming “Death to traffic!” in English, explaining that “when something frustrates us and we have no control over it, this is what we say”Steve compares the phrase to the non-literal use of the word “damn” “curse” “denounces” in American English.Another version of the meaning of the Persian phrase “Marg bar ?mrik?” is “Death to America” or “Down with America”.Truly, most official Iranian translations, of the phrase is translated into English as “Down with America” – NO DEATHEither way, this phase may be an offensive slogan, but it does not mean burn and rot in hell. It is only used to express anger or annoyance. Demonizing epithets like “death to America” “down with police” “Curse” (Lannat) or “the biggest devil (Shaytân-e Bozor) have numerous connotations in different languages, like death to American foreign policy, death to arrogance, and exceptionalism.In the religious context, Muslims used Urdu word “Laanat” meaning to curse the oppressor and wish that no blessing or mercy of the Lord should befall on an individual who has committed the atrocities.Over the years many Muslims used similar slogans against Saddam and Ghaddafi, burned the effigies, and have also thrown shoes at George Bush.Is the chant “down with America” causing any harm to the United State or is it just the guilty conscience? Which is more harmful a chant by Iranian or shooting down of civilian airline killing 290 people, the sanctions which has killed millions of Iraqis and Iranians, destabilize the legit government, drones’ attacks, and assassination of government officials. Iranians have a different interpretation of the slogan:They say that the US foreign policy is the embodiment of evil and full of hypocrisy. And the USA has committed far more crimes against Iran than vice versa.Six Decades of American Lies, Mischief, Hypocrisy, and War Crimes Is A problem. Iranian officials including the Supreme Leader Syed Ali Khamenei unequivocally explain that the slogan is expressed in the historical context of the U.S. government’s hostile policies towards Iran.”Down with America” means down with American leaders, in this case, Donald Trump, John Bolton, Pompeo, and many others in the Biden administration.It is time to Dig Down and mend relations with Iran and stop interference in other countries’ affairs.

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