The road of Historical Village Jahanpur Sharif needs renovation!

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Naseem Abbas Naqvi,
It is fact, and the same is acknowledged by every individual that Ghotki is the second tax payer district of province Sindh after Karachi division. Sugar Mills, Fertilizer companies, Gas companies, Flour Mills and Cotton factories are running here. Inspite of that, local people of this district are deprived of basic facilities of life. Like good health, modern education, metalled wide roads and electricity. As needed for citizens. But you all know according to the respective law of this country. Multinational companies should utilize the maximum income of their industries on the development of local peoples on priority basis.Today, I am going to write this piece of writing for the purpose of highlighting the major issue of historical village of Ghotki also as well as Sindh.This village is nearby to Cadet College Ghotki and located at a drive of four kilometers from National Highway. This village is known as the village of Sufi Saint Sain Sufi Syed Anwar Ali Shah and Four to five villages having numerical population are linked to this village. Service area of M5 motorway namely Wasti Qutub Din Shah is nearer to this village also link road of this service area connected with Village Dargah Jahanpur Sharif. Millions acres of agriculture land is surrounded to this village. Many pilgrims often come to this village on daily basis for “Ziarat” of the shrines of Sufi Saints. Although, it were time of day and night but peoples are coming here as per their routine. Villagers of linked villages also use this road to go out from their villages to near cities like, Mirpur Mathelo, Sarhad and Ghotki etc.Now-a-days, the ruined road is major problem faced by poor villagers because now it’s time of sugarcane cutting and crushing season. Due to having million acres of agriculture land there are many vehicles which are loaded with sugarcane are plying on this road to reach at National Highway because this is only road which is nearer to National Highway. Therefore, they are using this one. Inspite of these all things this busiest road is broken at every point. Despite drawing attention and sending applications to higher authorities, no one is ready for repairing this very common road. However, they were selected members of respected houses namely, SPA and PNA, District Administration or Multinational Companies.They are not focusing towards this serious issue.Being a part of this village. It is our legal right to raise voice for getting our basic rights which is given by Universal Human Rights Chart and law of this country to us. Keeping all these things in my mind, I am earnestly requesting to higher authorities through esteemed newspaper that for GOD’s sake take notice of the issue facing local population and repair of this road may be done at the earliest to provide relief to the villagers.


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