Sajid Ali Naich
Freedom of speech is demand of each born soul. The demand to express inner incarcerated feelings into verbal thoughts has been increasing at rampant pace globally. But freedom of expression doesn’t include freedom to violate religious emotions as western media has been practicing since 9/11 incident. Islam is portrayed as brutal face and Muslims are represented as brand ambassadors of terrorism. Suspicious reason behind increment in Islamophobia incidents is too pervasive effort of western media. As of dictionary meaning, Islamophobia means the general fear suspicion of the Muslims as a threat to the life and surroundings and the bear hatred violent attitude towards Muslims as stereotypically obnoxious creatures. The painstaking and meticulous western media through their false accusations has encouraged modi government to initiate anti-muslim sessions that cover up adoption of such law and removal of those articles in the constitution which are blessful for Muslims. Recent incident of a school girl who was trolled for wearing hijab in Calcutta, India. Modi and the fascist BJP- RSS government has been pushing anti-muslim sentiments in India in different ways. This all needs to be stopped now which has been circulating around the globe as Islam face of terrorism. To show off, Islam as brand ambassador of terrorism not merely hits feelings and emotions of billions of Muslims but heats up percentage of suicide combats at religious or sacred places of other religions. Russian president VLADMIR PUTIN denouncing islamophobia steered forward and in his annual news conference said , ” violating religious sentiments doesn’t count as artistic freedom but is violation of sacred feelings of people who profess Islam”. Leaders of Muslim world have to wakeup from the deep slumber of greed, fear and lust of vulnerable materials. They must recognize their glorious past and act according to the fundamentals of Islam, no matter, if it does not fit for western puzzle. The most cheapest blood in this world, is blood of a muslim. Every individual is innocent until proven Muslim. There is dire need for dealing anti-Islamic telecasts, programs and accusations which relentlessly blame Prophetic teachings.

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