Behind Afghan crises

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Osama Javed
After the 9/11 terrible incident ,USA considered the Afghan Taliban ,the main reason of the incident. By taking this reason as base ,USA invaded on Afganistan in 2001. Massacred every inch of Afghanistan by using their forces specially Air Force and then through Military .Since, it was a false allegation on the Afghan nation and USA brutly murdered thousands of people. NATO spent 20 long years in Afgnistan and destroyed afgan peace ,infrastructure, economy and their system of daily life in the name of terrorism. NATO did operations by implementing curfew that locked people in their homes and strayed them away from education and their routine life activities .NATO restricted the common masses up to certain limits that caused disappointment and anxiety among the Afghan people. Foreign forces destroyed the mainly working system of Afganistan and limitized the people within a sphere. USA did this for their own interest and didn’t care about the destruction and massacre of innocent people. At that time USA and alliance considered Afghanistan, a terrotrist country for their common interest .They didn’t focused that why they are blood shedding of innocent citizens ? Actually whole world had bad notions against afghanistan people because of 9/11 incident and also clever smooth talkings of USA’s policy makers and intellectuals entangled the whole world for considering afghanistan as terrorist state.After spending 20 long years and completely ruining Afghanistan ,now when USA and alliances withdrew from Afghanistan ,left behind deep sea of crises through proper planning by urging afghan intellectual people and their capable people by offering them more facilities and by freezing their national assets. This whole 20 years long brutal war caused a long lasting effect on afghanistan and wrapped afghanistan into sea of crises .These all things decreased their economy ,education system collapsed,hunger risk are increasing because of unavailability of currency in Afghanistan central bank that caused the inflation. Actually it is duality of western nations. Once they were admiring USA and NATO but now they are criticizing on afghanistan Talban and afghanistan people. Still they are not blaming USA for such barbarian act .On one side they talk about the condolences and on other side why they didn’t compel the USA to release the Afghanistan’s assets ? Why whole western nations are not cooperating with afghanistan present government for the stability of the masses? .If they have sympathy for afghanistani nation then why they are not compelling the world to accept Afghanistan as a nation ? Due to lack of daily routine edible food approximately 2 lack afghan children are likely to move into the mouth of death within 2 or 3 months .Citizen are spending their life in a catastrophic circumstances. collapsed system didn’t allow them to move out of crises .Young children are striving their level best to overcome their daily needs by doing labour and by little crimes .Who is responsible for such humanitarian crises? Global athorities still putting liabilities on Afghanistan’s people but actually USA and alliances are responsible for such pitiless act.

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