Noor Khan Bakhrani Tangwani
Once again the sitting Federal govt under the leadership of Prime minister Imran Khan without caring the financial conditions of poor, labour class and daily wagers dropped petrol bomb by increasing the prices of petroleum products on early Tuesday. The new inflated rates of petroleum products, so far reached the ever highest level of prices in the country. The new rate of petrol with increase of Rs12.03 becomes Rs159.86 per litre. Likewise, the new rate of high-speed diesel is Rs154.15 per litre and light diesel is being sold out for Rs123.97 per litre whereas, the fresh price for kerosene oil is Rs126.65 per litre. The performance of central government is only better in increasing rapid rate of inflation ever since it was formed in 2018 with simple majority in center. Before achieving reins of central government this failure set-up based on turn-coat politicians deceived the masses in the name of “fake change” and to make new Pakistan. Not only this but also incumbent Premier of Pakistan Imran Khan during his roaring speeches, huge election campaigns, corner meetings and press conferences consoled the disappointed and inflation-hit poor people and vowed with his voters and supporters to control the dearness and create job opportunities for educated youth of country to eradicate unemployment and alleviate poverty from the country. Prime minister had also promised with unemployed youngsters to recruit them by announcing at least 5 crore new job vacancies throughout the country. He also went on to say that their fundamental rights will be safeguarded by establishing a mode of role model govt run by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), like “Riyasat-e-Madina.” To him justice and merit will prevail in new state called new Pakistan. All the basic issues facing to masses will be resolved on top priority basis within three months. Perhaps such tall and hollow talks were white lie and joke with the subjects by cunning group of traitors. Unfortunately, the PTI leadership could not provide actual relief to the poor masses. In three years of reign the ever increasing oil prices have broken the back of the poor in general and labour community in particular. These days it is seemed very difficult for them to manage and earn two square meals for their poor families because rates of daily consuming articles talk to sky. The hard financial conditions created after high inflation compels poor people to attempt suicide rather to face tension situation. The current scenario of high inflation within three years of new set up of PTI government pushed the masses against the wall and under such hard financial conditions the poor neither afford the educational expenses of their children nor deal with the health problems. This govt is not interested and has nothing to resolve the basic issues facing to masses, on contrary it only focuses to accumulate illegal money through all possible means like increase in petroleum products on very fortnight period. The passing of mini budget earlier this year by Niazi govt reveals that from the day first this govt is anti-poor and favours feudalism, mafias and traders who are fleecing the masses by hoarding, profiteering and black marketing. The way in which federal government is ruling over the country, is no way can be lauded that it is middle class and poor people friendly, but it has been imposed on the masses like a kingdom and civil dictatorship in the name of democracy. Let’s hope for the best that PPP, PML(N), PDM top leadership and other democratic forces jointly will look into the plight condition of poor people of Pakistan and play a pivotal role to bring real democracy back in the country and make all out possible efforts to kick out the current gentry and elite class who formed govt by means of massive rigging the general elections of 2018. Its imperative to drive out the “fake change government” as to why they have been imposed on 20 crore Pakistanis by hidden hands. Eventhough, they could not deliver and have proved themselves failures and looters instead of real political leaders who believe in service of the masses rather than looting, usurping the rights and preferring their own vested interests. The poor people are seriously looking forward to opposition political leaders to address their problems and to get rid of the current rulers who made lives of people miserable through uncontrolled price hikes.

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