Hammal Naseer
Jath is a small village located in Balnigwar 80km away from Kech which requires basic facilities such as electricity crisis, no hospital, broken road and quality education.However, road Jath to Turbat has been under construction for a long time and also it as a result all the traffic. Their people take more than two hours to reach Turbat for their treatment. If one emergency case will their people take time to reach Turbat whether the patient would die. Many budgets have been passed to make the road but still it is the same condition. Many pregant women have lose their lives due to these broken roads. The road Jath to Turbat gives headache, fine person will be unfine. If a person travel Turbat to Jath they will be desperately and be lazy because this journey will make them ill. These are condition of road how people are being killed by roads.Futhermore, everybody know how education is essential in today’s world. A primary school just having two classroom with two teachers but teachers are not punctual with their duty though there is not any girls school. Everyone knows how girls education is important in our society but unfortunately, in our area girls education is being ignored. Girls are working at home and their wishes are being. Every girls of area want to get education they have the interest on education. In our area girls are having wonderful talent but there are being ignored. Many girls are interested in making pictures, singing song and any more. In fact, in our area of Jath teachers are like students one day they come and second day they are lost, how can our nation develop? In fact, school facilities are not available such as bathrooms and clean drinking water. In our area people are traveling another city for getting quality education as I am one of a student of their. I came in Turbat to get quality education to make future bright.These are the conditions of Jath schools and how girls talent and interest are being ignored in our area. Moreover, hospital is also a big issue in our area because there is lack of hospital and doctors. In our area we are suffering a number of problems due to lacks of hospitals. In area if we have small sick then we have to travel Turbat for better treatment then surely they have to travel worst road which make the fine people unfine. If we get good hospitals we won’t travel another city for treatment. In our area people On other side, electricity is the main problem in our area. Electricity were given to us 2011 but unfortunately now a year ago there is no electricity in our area. Their people are facing a lot of problems then the people are compled to buy solar to get water and do a small farming. If a rain will be there then electricity are lost ten months and any more days or month. More importantly, every people can’t buy solar it is a big problem for those who can’t afford to buy solar to get light and do farming. If there will not electricity surely there people will face a number of problems. One years ago electricity had gone still they are lost and did not come back.That’s why it is the main problem which is rising a big issue four our area. There is no any good doctors to treat properly just they are getting their saleries. There is electro tower, but there is no any electricity. The people are having cars but lacks of road. Hence, I request to the government of Balochistan to have a visit all the villages of Balnigwar to see whether their facilities complete or not.

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