Shabana Barni ,
Lahore,(Parliament Times): The personality of Veena Khan, a versatile singer who has a unique position in singing, is an example of her own. Says that the year 2022 will be Veena Khan’s year Veena Khan’s specialty is her humility. She says that she knows how to bend a branch. It bears fruit. Pakistan has produced such artists whose fame has spread all over the world and they have given their performances. The name of the country and the nation has been enlightened. No matter the field, if the work is done with sincerity, dedication and quest is true, then success will surely follow in your footsteps. Veena left the native town and made Lahore, the heart of Punjab, her center. He established his own music academy here She started participating in music festivals. Due to her beautiful voice and style, she gained popularity in a short span of time and at present she is the soul of Lahore music festivals. Veena is confident that with the encouragement of her fans and those who understand music, she will soon attain a high position in music.

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