Big buildings but no education

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Nida Baloch
Hub, being one of the industrial cities of Balochistan, has been facing lots of issues but alarming issue is Lack of education. The problem is not that there is no educational institutions but the Issue is that there is no one to take care of them. We can see big buildings in Hub for education but unfortunately, they are broken inside. One can find nothing but emptiness in them. Mostly, teachers are absent and if they are in duty then Inspite of taking their classes they take one cup of tea and a cigarette and sit in office and enjoy the party. In Hub, there are lots of Pravite educational institutions which are providing quality education but due to their high fee those students who are from poor family suffer a lot. It is my humbly request to Educational administrators that please take some concrete steps regarding this matter. If it is not solved today then tomorrow we will have to suffer a lot due to lack of education.

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