Importance of feminism

Attaullah Dashti
Qur’an says in chapter 3 verse no. 32 “Man is not like women.” The etymological meaning of the term feminism deprived from two words of Latin ” Femina” means woman and “ism” carries a distinctive practice. Meanwhile, feminism prioritizes the world towards the development and better invention. Women display a vital role for the development of country. Women can contribute their strengths in every field of life, like socio-political, economic, education and etc. However, woman is the ideological identification of a nation and country. Kirby Goodman says” that the fundamental purpose of feminism is to empower people to understand the experiences of those different from them through for the similar, yet broad aim of gender equality” . The role of feminism is to give knowledge people to understand the discrimination and to attribute equal rights to the women. After that, women are the primary caregivers of children and elders in a country. Women are known; the symbol of spirituality, strength and love. Continuously, women are the pioneers of nation. More than, that is the women who have maintained the growth and development of society and open the door future of nations. In the emerging complex social scenario, women have a vital role to play in different sectors. Eventually, women are the basic factors to beautify the world with their empowerment.

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