Islam zindabad

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Khair Muhammad

History witnessed, if any desires to fall down the sacred and unbending flag of Islam, has been awarded with disdain. It is worth to know for such contemptuous behaviors around the globe that the exertions in which you are spending your days and nights will left high and dry entirely. Islam is supreme that entails the inexhaustible and limitless efforts to remain a predominant in a predetermined way. Taking into an account, a recent incident in India the major dynamic power against Islam under the supervion of Modi. Undoubtedly, it was done by the gangster of Indian hindu extremist paramilitary geopolitical organization. Violating Muslim female students to not wear hijab. In this regard, a fearless, brave and courageous daughter of Islam has revolutionized the world by raising her voice against victim in terms of upheaval the sacred word Allah o Akbar Allah o Akbar. It was her spirit that was demonstrating the value of faith in the hearts of Muslims. RSS aid by Modi since 2004 when he was president of Gujrat. Despite the mentioned fact he also tried to make fell down Islam at international level but recieves disrespectful and discourteous gifts always. No one can deny Islam. islamophobist who attempts to decline the ambitions of Muslims had been destructed by leaving the historical landmarks. Undeniably, whenever a hatred step is taken that violence Islamic environment , a nascent hero is born to rooted it out as this brave Muslim daughter. Moreover, it is declared by the great Islamic scholars that Islam will rule the world sooner or later and there will be only chanting a slogan Islam zindabad Allah o Akbar Allah o Akbar.

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