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Muhammad Afzal Shaikh
Negativity is seriously prevalent around us. We find 8 of 10 people promoting, backing up and standing by negativity. Why has it been rife around? There are several reasons which vehemently compound the negativity extent. Firstly, we completely ignore Islamic teaching and adopt wrong routes in life. We don’t promote positivity at the cost of failure and rejection. The majority of us encourage negativity, therefore, nobody could dare to defy them. Resultantly, negative people are on the increase and gaining the majority. Secondly, we are corrupt from every side. We do exercise corrupt practices to attain individual benefits. We are happy in others’ unhappiness. Additionally, we are devoid of morality and ethical feelings. Sadly, others’ anxiety, pain and sadness do not motivate and please us. Thirdly, Positive people are limited, that is why positivity is dramatically decreasing among us. We resort to negative ways at the cost of our benefits. Consequently, we breach Islamic pedagogy and please the devil. Lastly, Our elders and seniors are also bereft of positivity. It is seen that youth and children imitate seniors and practice. They don’t have time to consider the correction of activities. As a result, these steps are incorporated into our routines and rituals.I strongly recommend everyone to think before doing any acts. We are inherently positive. We don’t engulf anybody’s rights. Harming someone’s heart is a costly sin. Allah never pleases such bodies. Therefore, do what you want, but follow positivity and correct paths. As a result, You will be pleased and get the unlimited support of Allah.

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