Hammal Zahid
It is a fact that, in Balochistan early marriages. Mostly parents are want for money such many songs came. 2020 a lot of songs came, there all about marriage so it is being in Pakistan.A good parent prepares the child for the path not the path for the child. million girls marry before the age of 17.In Pakistan 96% of counties have to do marry.On Monday, I heard my Grandmother talking about a 15 years old girl who was married to a man who is over 40 years old and I say lots of things. That these young girls are marrying with old men and father they face problems. It is so sad that is being in Pakistan. What could we happen? It annihilates the lives of girls and make them far from the happiness and lose the action, dream and education.Unfortunately, early marriage is damages their happening so what is being in Pakistan.According to UNICEF, Pakistan has the sixth highest number (1909,00) of absolute child brides in the world. Additionally, 21% of girls in Pakistan are married before their 18th birthday while 3% are married before the age of 15. These children lose the life at the time of child delivery. Most of them face several obstacles as they become mothers in very young age and it is not good for them.I request the concerned authorities to chalk out a stronger law in order to put an end to early marriage so their dreams shouldn’t be lose and educate the girls like parents do it for son. This help the society to grow more and bring down the persentage of early marriage

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