Child Labour in Pakistan

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Gulzaib Rashid Ali
As being a Pakistani it’s so sad to say that Child Labour is on the rise in Pakistan where small children are working in different sectors such as Garage, at stall, shops, vegetables markets, factories, car services, agriculture department just for their livelihood. As unemployment can be one of reason as inflation is on high peak where it’s too difficult for parents to run the house. No doubt, child Labour cause mental and physical harm to the children who are under 15 to 14.The national census of Pakistan found that the total number of child Labours aged 15 to 14. And this is the age of children to study not to work. But unfortunately many of the children are forced by their parents to earn while some of them are orphans and deprived from help. I would like to request the government to take urgent steps to provide basic necessity to the children and educate the youth of nation.

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