Fake Union of India

Fake Union of India. Indian top political leadership manipulated 3rd June plan taking advantage of close personal relations with British Viceroy and gave false assurances to the British Government reading minorities’ rights. Key Princely states and other minorities were coerced and coalesced to join Indian dominion. Slogan of Secularism was a bogey – only to gain support of ethnic and religious minorities for a strong India under Brahminist authoritarian control. Successful independence movement followed Forceful Annexation of Kashmir, Goa, Assam, Hyderabad, Junagarh. Non-implementation of promises with Master Tara Singh deceiving entire Sikh community after using them for Muslim’s genocide during partition. Contention legislations – CAA, Repealing Article 370 and 35A, AFSPA, POTA – expose mindset of Indian Elites targeting Minorities. Indian Fake Union kept hiding behind secularism for 6-7 decades but not anymore. Busting Myth of World’s Largest Democracy. Mere population and size of a country are not the correct measure of democracy. Democracy is measured through strong democratic norms, inclusiveness, willing participation of public at large in democratic process and principle of equality. Hardly any of these attributes exist in Indian Democracy. Indian democracy rather qualifies as world’s largest hypocrisy: – Forceful annexation of territories – Goa, Hyderabad, Junagarh, Arunachal Pardesh, IIOJK. Not fulfilling promises made to the people of Kashmir at UN (UNSC resolution 47) and in Indian constitution (repealing Article 370 and 35A). Not fulfilling promises with Assam, Nagaland and deceiving Sikhs (Purna Swarage). India : A Classic Example of Sham Democracy; alienation of minorities, freedom struggle in entire periphery of Hindu heart hand (Kashmir, Punjab, Red corridor states, Southern India), deprivation of lower Hindu classes from basic civil rights, attacking religious places of minorities, suppressing religious freedom.

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