Terrorism and Pakistan

Sajid Ali Naich
Terrorism is deep rooted in the history. It has been practiced in every era. Ancient Roman kings indulged in state terrorism, they used banishment, expropriation of property and execution aa means to discourage the opposing rule. During French revolution, speeches of famous orator Robesperrie heated the wind of revolutionary activities and his era is remembered as era of Terror. After American civil war (1861-65), a organization was formed with the name of KU KLAUSE KLAN who, arranged Assassination of people at high post. In this period, terrorism was spread in Europe, USA and Russia by political opponents to maintain their political dominancy. From 1861-1905, several kings, Presidents, Prime ministers and government officials were assaulted by terrorists. In 20th century of science and technology , where modern weapons and explosives were invented that provided great mobility and lethality to terrorists. Terrorism was adopted as state plolicy by Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany and Joseph Stalin of Soviet Union to create climate of fear around the globe. In modern times, terrorism is exercised by individuals or group of people to destablize or overthrow any political institution. It is mostly brought to work by religious branches like shia, sunni , catholic or protestants for sectarian or ethnic purpose in order to eliminate illegal domination on the homeland as in case of Kashmir and Palestine. Such heinous act include bombing, abduction, hijacking, skyjacking and sometimes killing also. Whatever, the form of terrorism is, there has always been a cause and reason behind it. The depressed and frustrated people that maybe individual or community belonging to some political, religious or ethnic sector are ready to slaughter maximum to pursuit their objective. The actuating force behind such an extreme act can be poverty, injustice, unequal distribution of wealth and resources. Pakistan is one of those developing countries which has been stuck in viscous cycle of terrorism. The red card entry of unwanted terrorism has unbalanced its education, politics and economy. It has been posing potent threat to it. There are innumerable issues and reasons behind terrorism. The insufficient and unfair distribution of wealth among the masses which has resulted in rampant poverty. The profit hungry industrialists and feudal lords gas deeply crushed and has forced middle and labour class people to live under their thumb and command. An iota of people has grown rich, leaving 3/4th of its economically backward or even less than absolute poverty. This has caused increment in plundering, robbery and senseless killing. Another potent rooted issue is Kalashinkov and heroine culture that has developed during Afghan war against Russia, has provided lethal weapons to affluent classes who operate different operations to maintain their esteem and reputation sans worrying about lives of innocents. People of such heinous nature and malicious intentions don’t look after others and try to hit as many as , for their personal gain. Indian Intelligence Agency (RAW), obviously a main issue which at any cost cannot be ignored. RAW indulges in state affairs of Pakistan where it feeds poor and needy indigents with bundles of cash and used them as their weapon. They mostly plan to blast ar historical and tourist places just to demotivate and discourage foreigners to visit and explore Pakistan. Disparaging self esteem of this beautiful land is their main target. The solution for combating terrorism lies behind its causes. The foremost requirement is the elimination of poverty in the country. Feudal rule should be abolished and equal distribution of wealth should be exercised. As far as, Eastern countries have progressed economically just after demolition and eradication of feudalism. There should be democracy in its truest form which can tackle breeding issues of poverty. The education system of the country should update itself too, entire nation should be made literate so they can differentiate between wrong and right. Sundering of religious and sectarian brain washing themes and ideas are perpetually possible in implementation of strict educational laws. Currently, Pakistan needs a strong government with clean and white collars that can staff the administration through putting national interest before their personal interest. The foreign policy of Pakistan should act as sovereign. At international level, only equal mighty countries are friends and whose interests do match too. Neither Pakistan should act on American policy that hindrances in fulfilment of friendly relations with its neighbouring countries like Iran and Afghanistan nor she should act antagonist to Indian foreign policy, if it successfully results in betterment of Pak-Indo relationship. Strong Pak-Indo relations will be synergetic in handling of Kashmir issue as well.Today’s world has become unhappily worse has turned into deadly snake pits of violence. The acts of undaunted and unflinching violence are called terrorism by one’s and by other’s, this is claimed as struggle for freedom, depending upon their interests and investments. The mighty rules over the weak. The matter of the fact is that the acts of violence are condemnable. The weaker being unjustified, performing its own method of revenge puts themselves and life of others in danger. The breeding issues of terrorism at national or international scale must be dealt critically. Poverty, oppression, economic, political and physical injustice with any individual or group of people should be deemed as outstanding cause. Efforts must be made to vanish these fusty stuff. Measures like globalisation, which has transformed whole world into global village should be at rest. The international dilemmas should be addressed honestly and politely which may not result in heating debate of terrorism. United Nations should not forget its pivotal role in consulting conflicts and should respect its own laws and policies which might be benefactor in resolving other rising issues of terrorism.

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