National Security Policy of Pakistan a move towards success

Jawad Ahmed Awan
A proper road map for success is as necessary as water for plant, air for men and sun light for the day to shine. Slow speed with having proper guide to the destination is better than having no idea and moving fast. So, the National policy 2022 to 2026 for Pakistan has been approved by the National security Council of Pakistan. The policy took almost 6 years. And it is the country’s first ever comprehensive National Security policy which touches all the important horizons. The policy is the good gesture towards the prosperity of the ordinary man in Pakistan. However, the policy contains eight chapters which are on priorities of Pakistan. The most important is the shift towards the geo-economics and there are seven more chapters are included on Defense, Foreign policy, National Integrity, Defence and Territorial Integrity, Internal Security, and Human Security etc. The policy is being shared on the given time. As it is the need of hour for Pakistan. The national security policy emphasizes on the betterment of economy. As currently to improve the economy is the top priority of policy. According to the documents it is the cumulative efforts of the renknowed policy makers, students from the universities, Askari and other main stakeholders of the country. The policy contains all the main areas where Pakistan needs to work very herdowner, this policy shows the seriousness of the country towards the citizen centric policy of the government. But the leaders make promises and broke the promises very pathetically. It will be very purposeful, if the implementations on the aforementioned areas could be taken. The shift towards geo-economics is the necessary for Pakistan. The world power is shifting towards those who have great economy. Those who are powerful countries can deter external threats sophistically. Pakistan must be economically independent. The long debt crisis can be dangerous if the governments unable to pay back the given debt. Because economic dependence is lethal because the decision making on the important crossroads get disturb. But the question is that how Pakistan can be rescued from the debt trap? The economists and policy makers should focus more on the solutions. The remedies to the economic challenges for Pakistan must be highlighted. There should be on ground survey in Pakistan and then practical solution suggested. So that the country can take the sigh of relief in terms of economic conditions. The government should focus on the skills of the bulk of youth as possible as it can provide. So that the potential skilled workers can arise, and the employment can be generated, and the production can be produced for the exports. So that the cycle of economy can move very fastly. Technology plays vital role in the global world. It proves the life blood for any country now. With the help of technology productivity, Security, tourism facility, and can be achieved very easily. And the youth utilize the technology and go into depth to learn the technicalities in the technological world. But at the same time the government has closed the Prime Minister laptop scheme. The youth use to utilize those laptops and leant new horizons of the technological world. If the government end the means which leads towards the technological world, then how the youth can be attracted to the technology. If the government provide technological gadgets, then in future there will be competent software engineers, IT specialists and technological sound youth. In order to make the youth technologically sound the government must invested on the youth to provide free laptops etc. Although the government has been doing the to opening the venue like Kamiyab Jawan program, Ehsas program for the students to take advantages and utilize the money. But the amount is not enough to pay fees of the university and purchase of the costly technological equipment’s is the biggest task. The government must invest on the youth to make the technological Advanced Pakistan. Hence, the economic success is success in all other spheres. Economy is correlated with other areas of stake. If economy is strong, foreign policy stances will be strong, development projects will be taken place, education sectors will improve, the roots of poverty can be plugged from the root, technology can enhance, the huge amount of money can be invested on the youth. So economy is the mother of all challenges. Achieving these ends is the challenge of for the government require robust governance and commitments. Question still hangs in the air that whether the government can make himself an example for the upcoming governments in the future or it became same other governments has done yet. However, the National Security Policy is the great initiate and must be appreciated. It is pertinent to the concerned authorities to work on the lope holes so that the flag of prosperity can fly in the air.

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