No country can make progress without rule of law: PM

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said no country could make progress without rule of law and no society has so far flourished without legal system.

“ If 9 million overseas Pakistanis start making investment in Pakistan then we will have not to go to IMF. Bringing the powerful before the law is the biggest Jehad, he said this while addressing here at an event on Criminal Law and Justice Reforms Thursday.

“ I saw that the legal system in foreign countries kept on undergoing improvement with the help of technology. But Pakistan legal system declined after British era”, he added. .

He went on to system two separate Pakistans were made for powerful and weak. Justice system started affording benefit to the powerful only and the common man kept on filling the jails.

Poverty is crime of several prisoners. The system of education and justice deteriorated from the very beginning. Private English medium school kept on going up and government schools kept on going down, he remarked. Likewise government hospitals condition worsened . Private hospitals started coming and the rich people resorted to other countries for their treatment.

What system we have introduced today it is aimed at giving common man access to justice. The concept of Medina state has become confined to Jumma sermons only.
No other model is better than this model which is the best model in the world. It brought revolution in the world. The state of Medina is model of Islamic welfare state.
The program like health insurance is not in place in any prosperous country of the world, he pointed out. Extending the facility of free insurance to every family is vital step towards welfare state.

There was no prosperity in the early years of state of Medina but rule of law was earlier established.

Non dispensation of justice is major problem of Pakistan, he held.

Overseas Pakistanis are our asset and Pakistan is running due to their remittances. But they are not ready to make investment in Pakistan.

“I have remained overseas Pakistan. Therefore, I know that they are not ready to make investment in Pakistan for want of rule of law, he said.

He went on to say if 9 million overseas Pakistanis start making investment in Pakistan then we will have not to go to IMF. Pakistan was imposed fine of 6 billion dollars in Reko Diq matter. Had this case been resolved in our courts then we would have not suffered such heavy loss. We have paid heavy price for it.

It is now your job to implement criminal reforms, he appealed to lawyers. Switzerland is better than all the countries in rule of law index. Our northern areas are better than Switzerland. But we don’t earn even 100 billion dollars from tourism for want of rule of law.

He underlined billion of rupees are not found in the bank accounts of Naib Qasids in Switzerland. Their society is precedent for us.

All were equal in the eyes of law in state of Medina, he remarked.

You have done great job by using technology in reforms and the motive behind EVMs too is this, he held. The common man urgently needs these reforms.

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