Law is lawless

Alia Asadullah
Usually no one is above law but this recent incident of Usman Mirza perceive himself above than law. He was involved in harassment, he drunk publicly and made the peace disturb, The things are clear that he is an accused but now the case is being changed into another shape because the total law is in rest. The people like Usman Mirza should be punished and must be Hanged so that it shall be an example for them who commit crimes, according to Pakistan PPC, obscene acts and songs ( section 294) , Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty, (section 354) plus Insulting modesty or causing sexual harassment (section 509) He can be punished by these all sections. But the contents of sections have been hidden. Hence, there shall be execute to punish Mr Usman Mirza. And request to Government that there shall be a free and fair trail on this case.

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