Karot Project declared among Top Performers by NEPRA


Azmat MaliC,

The 720 MW Karot Power Company was declared as a Top Performer at the NEPRA CSR Awards Ceremony held in Islamabad.

Islamabad, (Pariament Times) :NEPRA held its first ‘NEPRA CSR Awards’ under its initiative of ‘Power with Prosperity’ initiative to highlight and appreciate the tremendous achievements of Pakistan’s major power producers and their community development initiatives.

The Karot Power Company Limited, a subsidiary of China Three Gorges South Asian Investment Limited,was awarded the NEPRA CSR STALWART Award due to its unwavering commitment to community development. The award was received by Deputy CEO Mr. Lu Dongsheng of the Karot Power Company (Pvt) Limited. The NEPRA CSR team appreciated the KPCL’s contribution and welcomed its participation in the CSR Awards ceremony.

Chairman NEPRA Mr. Farooqi in his opening remarks presented his vision about NEPRA’s drive of “Power with Prosperity (PwP)” in addition to its two other drives “Power with Safety” and “Power with Security”. He elaborated that NEPRA through its PwP drive is making tremendous headways by encouraging its licensees to help and contribute to the development of the marginalized sections of the society living under abject poverty through framing and implementation of remarkable social policies and development programs.

The Deputy CEO KPCL Mr. Lu Dongshengappreciated NEPRA for holding the CSR Awards Ceremony and mentioned the company’s steadfast commitment to community development, social awareness, and stakeholder participation for the KarotProject.

KPCL ensures its commitment to the community with the basic principles of philanthropy, ethical, legal, and economic responsibilities and focuses on the core areas such as Health, Education, Infrastructure development,and supply of drinking water. KPCL is implementing a Community Investment Plan (CIP) for the social uplift of the local community around the Karot Project. Under the community Investment Plan, the KPCL has completed 11 projects both in Punjab and AJ&K for the shared benefit and welfare of the local community around the Karot Project. Some of the salient projects include the Construction of Govt. Boys High School Kanand, Govt. Girls Middle School Hollar and the Emergency Block at THQ Kahuta.

The Karot Power Company Limited is executing the First Hydropower Project under CPEC. The project has a total installed capacity of 720 MW, and will lead to an expected reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 3.5 million tons per year and improve the proportion of clean energy and make a positive contribution towards optimization of the energy structure in Pakistan.



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