Unemployment in Balochistan

Atif Rasheed
As the rate of unemployment is rapidly increasing in Balochistan. Balochistan has the highest unemployment rate in Pakistan. About 9.13 percent of people are unemployed in Balochistan. This is all because of corruption, discrimination, lack of education, poverty, educational institution, etc. Moreover, The Levies force jobs test was issued in 2019 but still, the list of selected people is neglected. Also, one person from our family member attempted the test but still, he is jobless and admiring to find a job. Not only this person but now we can estimate that more than 1 million people are jobless in the province. However, there are Ph.D. holders who are working in the private sector to earn their livelihood. This shows us the weakness of the government in Balochistan. I request the authorities to take hard steps regarding this burning issue.

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