JKSM Chairman condemns Indian occupation Administration’s coup of Kashmir Press Club

Islamabad,  (Parliament Times) :  Chairman Jammu & Kashmir Salvation Movement (JKSM) Altaf Ahmed Bhat condemns the Indian occupation Administration’s coup of Kashmir Press Club. Pays glorious tributes to the Martyrs of Gaw Kadal Massacre.

In a statement here in Islamabad today Chairman JKSM Altaf Ahmed Bhat condemned the Indian Authorities coup of Kashmir Press Club in IIOJ&K.
He said that this is Yet Another Attempt to Throttle Press Freedom.

Press freedom in Kashmir continues to remain under attack. Over the weekend, the largest journalists’ body – the Kashmir Press Club – was taken over by a set of journalists who were accompanied by the police, after the premises were shut down by the occupant administration.

The Press Club had 300 members. With it being made defunct, the occupant Indian Government’s approach is quite evident – it will not allow any institution which doesn’t toe the official line or is in sync with the political ideology of the ruling party. The only platform which raised the voice against frequent harassment of journalists has been shut, de-registered and dispossessed. “Stifling of the voice” of journalism.

Chairman JKSM Altaf Ahmed Bhat also prayed and paid glorious tributes to the martyrs of the Gaw Kadal Massacre. Indian troops had killed more than 50 innocent people by resorting to indiscriminate firing on peaceful demonstrators in the Gaw Kadal area of Srinagar on January 21 in 1990. The demonstrators were protesting against the molestation of several women by troops, the previous night.

Chairman Bhat also paid tribute to Kashmiri people who are being targeted killed in IIOJ&K by the hands of Indian Occupational Forces but never surrendered and never bent. In the month of December 2021, Indian occupational forces target killed 31 Kashmiri people, 10 in custody while 94 civilians were arrested.

Chairman JKSM Altaf Ahmed Bhat said that its an eye opener for the developed world how India is crushing Dissent, Humanity, and breaking all International and Humanitarian norms in IIOJ&K. Kashmir is the issue of Humanity, Hence collectively International Organizations, Scholars, NGOs must raise the voice of voiceless and besieged Kashmiris in the world.

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