A thousand splendid Sun

Alia Asadullah
A thousand splendid sun is a non fiction story of two victimized women Maryam and Laila. Though the names of the characters are changed in the book but the story is absolutely true. The book is written by the Famous author of the kite runner Khalid Hosseni. It contains 417 pages and the bestselling book ever. The book tells the situation if past Afghanistan in brutality of Talibans. It gives us a clear perspective of Talibans who abducted women and later on gun point married with them. When they were their wives so they tortured them mentally and physically. By using the name of Islam the Talibans wholly Changed Afghanistan’s environment, they built Afghanistan a cruel country for minorities and women too. The duration of 1996 to 2001 women suffered a lot and still they are suffering. This is in the story of two suffering character Maryam and Laila who were splendid sun with their characters.The story begins with Maryam and her mother who lived in a village. Her mother who did not gain any attention from her husband, due to which she was mentally disturb. Actually Maryam’s mother was the 3rd wife of her father Jaleel and he was a man of fake promises and a father who neglected the love of her daughter. But one day unfortunately, Maryam went to the city to meet her father Jaleel. Seeing her in city then he didn’t want to meet her. Hence, when she came back to her mother , she found her mother dead. There was a feeling of realization that her father was a devil. This truth slept on the face of Maryam then she end up her pure love for her father. The next day her father came and took her with him to city his home. Her stepmother wasn’t happy to see Maryam in their home. Therefore, they compelled Maryam to marry 40 years old Rasheed who was a shopkeeper in Kabul.After getting married, gradually Rasheed’s behaviour abrupt to Maryam and start an abusive language with Maryam.The second character was Laila who was the neighbour of Maryam and Rasheed. She living a very blessed life with her parents along with childhood friend Tariq. An unfortunate incident changed the whole life of Laila. Her childhood friend left her since the situation if Afghanistan was worst. Laila lost her parents and her childhood friend. As she was alone and had no other relatives so Rasheed took the loneliness of her and married with her.Far away, she gives a birth to a boy after some period of time Rasheed was also cruel like an animal. Hence, the brutality of him then the both wives of Rasheed plan to run away but Rasheed became aware and caught both, in that day he beat them a lot. So for the self protection Maryam killed Rasheed and said to Laila that you along with your children should start a new life with Tariq. In addition, Taliban tortured and killed Maryam. Her poor life was wholly in pain and at the end, she took the all hardship and gave a happy life to Laila so that she should be in a prosperous life. Thus, Khalid Hosseni is a great writer. His book compels every reader to turn page to page. Indeed, the book is all about the violences in Afghanistan over women who suffered in 1996 at Afghanistan.

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