Alhamra and Abid Ali Films organize Ghazal Festival and a three-day acting workshop

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Khalid Sibtain 

LAHORE: The Lahore Arts Council started fulfilling the promise of quality entertainment with its audience at the beginning of the New Year. The Ghazal Festival and a three-day acting workshop were held with full vigor. The workshop was attended by more than 70 young people from across the country. The purpose of the workshop was to provide training to the youth in various fields of acting.
Alhamra and Abid Ali Films organized the workshop. During the workshop Director, Abid Ali taught the young artists the tricks of acting. Director Abid Ali said that what he felt most during this workshop was that our young generation has immense skills; what is needed is to guide them on the right path and improve them.
On the closing day of the workshop, Executive Director Alhamra Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi expressed his wishes for all the participants and said that hard work is a passion that makes your dream come true. He further said I would like to tell my young generation that the journey from dream to reality is long, but you will always find success awaiting you at the end of it. “All I can say is that if the passion were true, then the distance to the destination would pay tribute to the traveler itself.” Alhamra would always make the room and opportunities for our youth in every possible way, and he added that this journey would continue forever.
The participants said they are grateful to Alhamra, who Abid Ali Films gave us this excellent opportunity. They added that the technique, styles, and methods learned during this workshop would be beneficial in becoming a better actor in the future.

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