Muhammad Zarif
Undoubtedly, A father plays an important role for his children and family, Take the example of a tree without water it dies soon and without water the existence of a tree will be impossible. Without father the existence of a house becomes impossible.If we glance over social media and we can be able to get countless articles, paragraphs and fictions about sweet mothers but today I took my pen to pen down few points about my loving father. A father is the base of a house without him a house can’t run in a proper way.He serves a family and he becomes a role model for his family.He is the man who takes cares of his whole family and he works whole day in order to provide good facalities to his family. It is the father who sacrifices his happiness for his children. Further, He is the man who bears all sorts of troubles in order to give more and more facalities to his family. I am wordless to utter my father sacrifices. He is a her for me. I am this stage today because of my loving father who sacrificed his all happiness for me. When he comes home after backbreaking word sees his children he always smilies. He is well aware that all hopes of his children and family belongs to him. Finally, I am thankful to Allah the almighty who blessed me with this great blessings.My father( Doshambay) is the light of my darkness. It is crystal clear that no one can take the place of a father. If there is a father and there is a home.

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