Unemployment and Poverty

Jawahir Iqbal
Poverty and unemployment are one of the greatest challenges that our country is facing today. These are social issues which are rising in our country. There are many more problems, but poverty and unemployment are common and basic problems. These problems stop the development of any country . The rate of poverty and unemployment is very high and increasing day by day. In today’s life, surviving has become so difficult. Unemployment and poverty causes many things which effects the country. Due to these problems, many crimes take place and many more People commit suicide . Nowadays, no one can get higher education. If someone faces hardships and difficulties in their life for getting education, but when they get education there is no any job opportunity for them. In this current situation, getting any job opportunity has become so hard. When someone gets any job, because of salary they won’t be able to support their families. Nowadays, everything is being expensive. Due to high expenses , no one can afford their needs.Education quality system should be good,so it would be easy to remove these problems from our country. When our educational system stables, so it would be easy to get any job opportunity. Government of Pakistan should take any serious action, but they are not taking any serious action.If our government take action and solve these major problems then it won’t be difficult to stop crimes . Taking action is must because without this our country won’t be a developed and peaceful country.

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