Prominent Neurophysiologist Dr Fozia Siddiqui talks on Parkinson’s Disease

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Karachi,(Parliament Times): Noted neurophysician of the country and President Epilepsy Foundation Pakistan Dr Fozia Siddiqui has said that the Parkinson’s disease could be treated and managed successfully, especially when diagnosed in early stage. There are currently one million Parkinson’s patients in Pakistan. Addressing to a workshop of neurologists and psychiatrists in Peshawar on Parkinson’s Disease, she said this disease is often seen in patients who are more than 50 years old. Trembling of hands, general weakness, slow movements, falling and difficulty in walking are amongst the symptoms of this disease. She said this ailment progresses gradually but it is curable. If diagnosed early, our elders can live better life and be saved from crippled.

She said that after the diagnosis of this disease the medical practitioner should prescribe available drugs in correct dose so that the patients could also be saved from side-effects. She said that Substantia Nigra is the part of the brain where dopamine is produced which controls and coordinates body movement. She said to treat this disease, medicines like levodopa, carbidopa entacapone and dopa agonists are given but all medicines should be used when prescribed by a qualified physician.


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