Class and egoistic factor in Pakistan’s youth

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Inayatullah Chandio
According to the report of Economists,Pakistan is considered as 4th inflationable country around the world,whereas Pakistan youth is suffering from the verge of poverty line.Here question arises that why from the independence of 1947 to 2021 we are being called ad under developing country ?,whereas 74 years has been passed,why we are backward from developed countries? When we look towards the literary rate of Pakistan it’s too low,Our youth is distributed in classes system,such as officers,clerks,pions and kammi etc. The point is this that our youth is egoistic,our youth is not working for human welfare or country’s development but this all is beyond his personal interest,whereas profession are not given their equal status.Duty is the duty it may be of any one,from PM to the any clerk. So our society should give equal status and respect to the each and every profession.We we would do this certainly we can work for better and brighter Pakistan,which would ever be counted in Grey list and undet developing country,instead of this Pakistan would be called as developed country and the strength of Pakistan would be happy augury for peace and prosperity.

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