Stop Honour Killing Of Women

Najma M.Ramzan
It is Heartbreaking news of a helpless woman. In Kabirwala a women woth her son killed by her husband on Saturday. The man namely Asghar Ali was mistrustful husband of Parween Bibi shot his wife with pistol and his son too. He was very narrow minded person never allowed his wife to go outside. That day she went somewhere without her husband permission due to this mistake she was killed very bad way with her son. Police took both death bodies to hospital for postmortem and further investigation. At the time Asghar Ali was arrested for physical remand. Moreover, Regional Police Officers ( RPO) Faisal Rana ordered for investigation of the case. These kind of cases where girls and womens are killed in the name of pride and honour is not only the case of Parween Bibi there many other womens like her being killed in our country Pakistan. It is showing that in our country womens are not safe even in their own houses. Thus, this should be stop and womens rights should be given and everyone should respect them.

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