No humanity

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Shehzad sakim
It is really heartbreaking news to watch how so many tourists people died as a in Murree Tragedy due to poverty. According to a tourist, who stayed for one night in a hotel and was charged 50000 rupees, he had no choice what should do this time. The hotels in that area to tourists 50000 rupees for one day. Is there any humanity in this Islamic country? Tourist cars was stuck, in this time many people are near to them. The tourist people requested these people to push the car from the stuck but they demanded 5 thousand for pushing one car. Are there any Muslims in this Islamic country? For helping others, without money, they can’t help. So tourists were compelled to stay a day in the night their cars. So that’s why many tourists died as a result, of the poor management from the concerned authorities. So the government should take action against the owner of hotels and those who could not help them.

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