Faris khaliq
Global warming has been introduced by the scientific population. It arises owing to more and more deforestation. Due to which it will elicit far more genuine climatic changes than simply a rise in global temperature. Nowadays, the earth’s climate is the result of extremely complex interactions among the atmosphere and oceans the land abundances and living organisms which are all warmed daily by the sun’s energy.As a result, when global climate worsens, it means its more affected by conservatory gases. The main reason for that is cutting trees.Although, Pakistan itself contributes very little to the overall emissions of the Greenhouse Gases, yet it remains one of the most severely hit countries of the world by the process of Global warming. Global warming has affected the climate of Pakistan in the following manners.Pakistan ranks 16th on the Climate Change Vulnerability Index(CCVI) by Maple Croft, jumping up 13 positions in one year. German watch also places Pakistan as the “most affected” country for 2010 and in top 10 for 1990-2010 by climatic changes. Climate changes are costing the economy $14 billion a year, which is almost 5% of the GDP. Therefore, the public must avoid cutting the trees and government must take a serious step regarding this.

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