Feudalism in Pakistan (It’s causes, consequences, and solution)

Nayar Gul
Feudalism in Pakistan is not new to us. It has been existing before the creation of Pakistan. After the establishment of Pakistan, feudalism gradually become robust. Moreover, It has been deforming the system of the country. The factors behind it are Illiteracy; Illiteracy is one of the major causes which lasting the feudal system in the country till now. When people are illiterate and uneducated then they accept each and everything, however, it may be right or wrong, it may be false or true because they are unknown to reality. An unlearned person starts to follow the mendacious feudal lord. According to an International report; Pakistan is one of the lowest literacy rates in the world and all these illiterate people live under the slavery of feudal lords. The second element is nationalism; The feudal lords get power from their tribal people. The Pakistani nation is distributed among tribes and every tribe has its feudal lord. These feudal lords govern upon their tribal people after official government. Consequences of Feudalism In the feudal system people are deprived of their basic rights; They become homeless and jobless.Their whole property and land are robed off by rude feudal lords. The children are kept away from schools. The hapless people are killed by feudal lords without any reason. People lose their confidence level and become dependent. Solution Feudalism can be eliminated by enhancing the education in the country.To educate the every labour’s children, to every farmer’s children and to every poor, waged people, beggar’s children.If once these lower or middle classes’ children get well education then it will not be impossible to get rid of feudalism.

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