Artificial Sun of China


Zarrain Iqbal
It made me astonished to hear that China’s scientists have created an artificial sun which is hotter than the sun itself. This is the only appreciated work that was done by the scientists of China. They have been striving for years for completing their mission, finally they have attained their mission successful.Furthermore, in every second 600 millons tones of hydrogen are fused to create helium and it contains energy and it is so much hot. In fact, after making this artificial sun the scientists named the sun LM_2M. So, this is really a great achievement for China. This shows that the scientists of China are very cooperative in making the country developed. China is the only country in making or designing news things. I congratulate China for this accomplishment. I hope it will continue developing and making news astonished things. It is a lesson for other countries to start striving and make such unexpected things.