Kolowah Rodkhan school needs a good building


Bibgar Nisar
Government primary school kolowah Rodkhan. 2013 there was a heat quick while these bilding were Fallondown.when the government announced the bilding of concession.But unfortunately impraidence of contractor.so due to crropation 7_8 years went but bilding are not complete.but the primary school kolowah Rodkhan the work is not started bay the still not started by the contractor.if anyone visit in kolowah the see the condition of students the sit in outside for reading 7 Years went but bilding are not complete.due to crropation the eats money and sit at home the don’t now about students.The are destroying the life of students.how the are not awear about the bilding what is the condition of it.the himself make a hut and start reading.the all students are founder for the reading.while the are disturb due to building.so I request government of Balochistan and complete the primary school kolowah Rodkhan and take action about contractor.