Distorting of History

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Naseebullah Khan
It neither looks like a slip of tongue nor unintentionally, rather, Mr. Imran Khan has time and again distorted the facts about Pashtoon as a nation of which he claims himself to be the part of it. While speaking to the OIC special session on the situation of Afghanistan, Imran Khan disappointedly repeated his old mantra by affiliating the Taliban as a Pashtoon project. The issue of extremism along with religious fundamentalism has been the manifesto of every religious organization throughout the globe. Mere, the Taliban are just a tip of the iceberg. Moreover, admittedly, Pashtoon is dominant in the Taliban, but overall, the organization enjoys the membership of almost every nation__whether they are in Pakistan or Afghanistan. Piteously, the most affected nation by the Taliban attacks has been the Pashtoon themselves. It will be intellectual dishonesty by relating the regrettable education situation of the Afghan girls during both the regimes of the Taliban with cultural sensitivity. Had Imran Khan been fond of reading, he would not have made such exaggerated statements? Nazo Tokhi who was the mother of Afghan King Mirwaise Hotak was born in 1651. She was a learned woman and still remembered one of the impressive poetess. A learned woman. Zarghona Ana was the mother of Ahmad Shah Abdali, who dies in 1741__she was eminent for her bravery and her poetry. Moreover, Sorya Begum, the wife of King Amanullah Khan, who announced freedom from the British in 1919 was a well-educated, well-cultured woman of her time, whose services for women rights and women education are admirable. The story does not stop here. In the 1960s, Afghan women were among the drafters of Afghanistan’s first c Constitution of 1964, which recognized the equal rights of women and men. In 1965, four women were elected to the Afghan Parliament. In addition, when in 1968, religious conservatives of the society wished to pass a bill banning Afghan women from studying abroad, hundreds of thousands of Afghan women demonstrated throughout Afghanistan for the protection of their educational rights. By 2018, 38 percent of girls which were estimated at 3.8 million were enrolled in Schools whereas, in 2001, only 5,000 Afghan girls were enrolled. In 2008 in Herat, 44 percent of girls appeared in the national entrance exam compared to 56 percent for male students. Apart from this, in the political sphere, the women of Afghanistan were not short of men. After the Taliban, a quarter of parliamentarians were women, and by 2016 more than 150,000 women had been elected for local offices in the country.How can historical facts be twisted about Pashtoon women in Pakistan too? we have many examples in which the most impressive is General Niger Johar, who belongs to a Pashtoon family and who is the first general of the Pakistan Army. These all observations negate Mr. Imran Khan’s statement. These reflect that Pashtoon as a nation has been a staunch supporter of girl education. It has been against extremism and fundamentalism, whereas it has been the bitter victim of terrorism. Their wounds need healing. In the war of others, the Pashtoon living across the Durand line have been paying for the sins which they have not committed. It is high time for Pashtoon intelligentsia to come forward and protect their cultural identity and negate all ill-minded theories and statements of political gimmicks which have been spread falsely.

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