Calamitous tidings of Murree


Hamgul Gangozar
The tragic deaths of more than 22 tourists who died in their vehicles after being stranded due to heavy snowfall in Murree.A list issued by Rescue 1122 said 22 people died, including 10 children. The deceased include an assistant sub-inspector of Islamabad police and seven members of his family.It was a disastrous snowstorm in Murree and its surrounding area, causing land sliding that crushed many cars, as blocked the road that the tourist could not move further.The minister said that around 1,000 cars were stuck on the hill station.The heavy snowfall brought a dangerous situation which failed the managements to help them out, if appropriate steps had been taken out before, they would be alive today.The weather for custer already informed but no action had been taken . PM Imran Khan expressed his sorrow and regrets on the tragedy in Murree due to heavy snow fall and blockades. All agencies have been mobilized.Meanwhile, entry of cars into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Galiyat was banned, according to the province’s chief minister.As, Ahmed said that residents of Murree provided food and blankets to stranded tourists, adding that the administration had closed all routes to the hill station and was now allowing only vehicles planning to take food and blankets.