A Helpless Girl

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Najma M. Ramzan
Father is the most important person in everyone’s life. Father is like a hero for his children, motivation each and everything for them. He is one who can understand his children’s, can feel the pains of his children’s and love them more than their expectations. Father is the one whose company is most important for his children’s. He is the Guider and protector of his family. Unfortunately, a death of a father can be unexplainable and devastating. Three years ago I have lost my beloved father. It was very hard time for me to control myself. I cried a lot the day he left us. I tried to make him wake up but it was too late he was gone. It was unbearable and hardest time of my life. I can’t stop my tears. It was a big loss for me and my family too. That day shut down many doors of happiness in my life, and changed my bright days into dark nights. It was a sudden death of my father which made me mentally sick. However, the father death is the Tribble event, the more Heartbreaking and tear-jerking loss of a daughter’s life. My father would not be there to make me laugh every day, ay the dinner it would be much more quiet without him every night. It is definitely a struggle for me and my family to not have him anymore. Furthermore, my passing away was definitely the hardest and toughest event of my life. Everyday I want to meet him, talk to him, share my problems with him, because I miss him so much, I want to hug him. But unfortunately he is no more. Without him life is like a body without soul. Since, my father passed away our lives seem so quiet, we feel bored without him, because he was like a shining star in our lives. After my father’s death I felt that my life were going down. I felt sadness, fears and Hopelessness. There’s no returning my father’s death caused, sorrow and anger all in one. Losing someone in your life is the worst thing that could never happen. Because you will no longer see them again in this world. So, it is already clear that no one can take a father’s place in the world. There is no one like him to love us, care about us as a father . I have his personality, kindness and goofiness and everything else all in one. Thus, the sudden death of my father crushed me, I felt alone, and scared. I wished with all my heart that it was all a dream but no it is reality, I have to accept it, and move on. So, I miss my Dad very much. “Love you The Most Daddy”

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