Why is the copy culture an ingrained part of education in Sindh

Ali Gul Abdul Aziz Napar
Copy culture is spreading like a plaque among students in Sindh and destroying their bright future. In my opinion, cheating is a short-cut to a dead end with no bright future for a student. The habit of cheating is an evil that is no less than heroin addiction.The culture of mass copying is thriving in Sindh, eroding it’s education system over the past several decades. As usual, those who are poor students, they suffer from outlying areas, where access to education negligible. Why is this menace still in practice? They despite the various legislative and administrative initiatives taken by the ministry of education. Some professionals, they are especially invited by students and they solve their papers. There are different rates for different services. Such as, leaking the papers exchanging answer sheets and so on. This entire business runs under the very nose of the teachers association and the district as well as provincial administrations. When students cheat in an examination. Actually, parents are fully support theirs offsprings in examinations. Such as, parents spend amount of their children to get best coaching centers and also they spend money to get good marks in a exam. However, parents are involved different activities of education work to their children. Indeed, parents are guilty of every work because they are responsible for their children. For instance, if they were passed through the copy. Even they are not able to get jobs. Education department authorities and the Sindh government must take stringent measure to stamp out this evil.

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