Save education and save Balochistan


Sayad dilmurad
As we know that education is one of the most paramount or influential aspects in this macrocosm. However, education is the only gimcracks that can make human beings to supper human beings. But unfortunately, Balochistan is the only province in Pakistan where its youth are deprived of education. Moreover, due to the illiteracy of Balochistan, Balochistan is at the back of every step in the world and also other kinds of important materials. Further, it is said that Balochistan will be considered a decent province in Pakistan but here the nation of Balochistan with illiteracy it’s looks alike too painfully. More wishes, if Balochistan endures likewise conditions then maybe it’s lost multiple types of equipment and something else. So it last, it is my request to the government of Pakistan and also to the PM Imran Khan to save education and save Balochistan.