Runaway married couple appeals for urgent justice

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TATTA PANI, (Parliament Times) : Fabrics of suspects caught with dangerous weapons in a major CIA operation in Tattapani. Sensational revelations have come to light about the famous case of Ayman / Shafqat, a girl from Mandhol Abbaspur, PM Azad Kashmir’s home constituency. A few days ago, the police team conducted a major operation in Tatta Pani and arrested the accused Zahid Shah Zahidi Shah resident of Sarda, Syed Irshad son of Sadiq Shah resident of Sadhnauti, Azeem Shah son of Fazal Shah resident of Mandiari, Fazian Sadiq son of Muhammad Sadiq Qaum Venus resident of Dhana Tatta Pani, Majid Hassan Shah son of Tanveer Shah resident of Mohuri Syedan Tehsil Sahansa, Jabbar Ahmad Cast (Qaum) Malik resident of Qamruti and Sajid Malik cast Malik resident of Qamroti were arrested and vehicle searched. Dangerous weapons, including three Kalashnikovs, were recovered. It is learned from highly informed sources that the gang was entering Rawalakot district to take action against Ayman and her husband Muhammad Shafqat, a girl from Mandhol. Police have captured the gang and saved many human lives and the area from a major tragedy. According to the details, Aiman and Muhammad Shafqat of Khaigala Rawalakot from Mandhol got married of their choice in July last year. The girl belongs to the Syed family while the boy belongs to the Gujjar community. As soon as the news of marriage was received, the heirs of the girl became mortal enemies of the boy. The girl’s parents brought out a marriage certificate of the girl in the old history on which an FIR was registered and both the boys and girls were handed over. Both the girl and the boy faced the case and proved the marriage certificate submitted by the girl’s heirs to be fake. It is reported that the Maulvi who prepared the fake marriage certificate stated in the court that he did not issue the marriage certificate. Shafqat and her heirs say that since the girl belongs to the constituency of Prime Minister Qayyum Niazi, the Prime Minister and the administration are giving full support to the heirs of the girl. The entire administration has been deployed at the behest of the girls and is acting impartially. He said that several jirga panchayats were also held at the community level but the issue could not be resolved. The heirs of the boy are of the view that if the girl still wants to get a divorce of her own free will then they do not mind but the girl is not ready to return at any cost. And, in any case, she wants to live with her husband’s compassion. The girl is currently in Rawalakot jail despite bail as she is in danger of losing her life outside and the boy is hiding on bail. According to the boy’s family, the girl’s heirs are openly threatening to kill the boy and his family. Family members of the boy were attacked in the court premises of Hajira. During the appearance, the girl’s father takes pictures of the boys and takes them away, there is a danger that the girl’s heirs are on the verge of harming the boys. According to the boy’s family, the police are calling them and telling them that if you can’t protect the boy, then send him back to jail. Outside, his life is in danger. Aiman and Shafqat have appealed to the President of Pakistan, Army Chief, human rights organizations, civil society and other senior officials to bring us to justice and save us from death. “Our lives and the lives of those around us are in danger,” they said. The heirs of the girl will kill us by themselves or by some group, may our lives be saved, we have got married of our own free will and we want to live together. This attitude is causing horror and violation of human rights in the society. However,

This is not an incident but hundreds of such incidents come to light every day. But is it possible that those who sing the tune of human rights and those who keep their tongues wet all the time with the voice of human rights, have a slight conscience, a slight movement in their consciousness and even a word of condemnation in their language? Meanwhile, the couple did not commit any crime. This act of couple is neither a crime in the sight of Allah nor can it be called a crime in common parlance.


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