President Biden has lost its credibility and trust by threatening war, appeasing Zionist Israel & Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS)

Mohammed Khaku
Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi, Iran eighth president’s goal is to advance Iran’s economic independence, a network of influence and resistance with one leader, and that leader is the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.President Raisi of the Islamic Republic of Iran has made eloquently clear that he has no intention to negotiate a new JCPOA nor it is his priority.U.S. and Israeli interests in Iran diplomacy are irreconcilable, hence there is no need for Tehran to be at the table.And, for Iran to return to the table, the US and its partners have to lift all sanctions, unfreeze its $120 billion in assets, and provide Iran with the assurance that the US will stay in the JCPOA beyond Biden’s term in 2024. According to the secretary of State Blinken, this is not possible so, in the meantime because the US has violated the JCPOA, Iran has every right to elevate its level of uranium enrichment to 20% and further move to 90% in the future per JCPOA.During eight years of Rouhani’s president, Iran was engaged in having good relations with the USA and the West. That was the priority of the Rouhani administration. Iranian people also believed that having a strong relationship with the West and USA will solve many of the economic problems. However, it has not materialized over the last decade. And many Iranian questions was it worth? No, the real problem is Zionist Israel and Tehran knows that It’s not the nuclear deal that’s the problem, but the very idea that Washington and Tehran would reach any agreement. Iran has not forgotten the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, with no defense capabilities where all European countries and USA provide chemical weapons and logistic support to Saddam Hussain while the Arab Bedouin kingdom provide the money. There will be no compromise by President Raisi or the Supreme leaders on Iran’s defensive capabilities such as the ballistic missiles program (BMP) nor would Tehran link the JCPOA with its BMP.BMP is the insurance policy on any attack against the Islamic Republic of Iran which is surrounded by numerous US military bases.President Raisi’s key priorities of his first term are security alliance with Gulf neighbors, economic independence from the west, reaching an agreement in the war in Yemen and Syria, and trade relationships with China, Russia, Turkey, and Muslim nation around the globe.President Raisi has opened two initiatives to the solutions for regional crises in Yemen and Syria, but not on Iran’s regional influence. The two imitative are the Hormuz peace plane and Astana Meeting on Syrian crises. Hormuz peace plan” for the Persian Gulf security, Astana meeting on Syria. President Raisi believes in strengthening its relationship with any countries for trade, security, protecting its people from future wars, countering Takfiri terrorism, and maintaining regional stability with its deterrent of BMP.This is the foreign policy of Iran, which is in line with the principles of the Islamic revolution and by the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. President Raisi firmly believes that without foreign intervention by USA, peace, and stability can be achieved in the region, which will lead to harmony and prosperity for its people.However, the biggest obstacle is the US military bases and its special forces in the Middle East. The statistical data is not fully available, but below is the link of the military bases and special forces in the Middle East. Many believed that a JCPOA should have helped reduce tension between Arab counties and Iran. Surely, the blame is on Donald Trump for pulling out of JCPOA, MBS, and Zionist sabotaging the deal.What has raised alarms in the Muslim world is not the relationship of Iran and the US, but the hypocrisy of MBS who has to outsource the security of the cradle of Islam to Israel, Backstab the Palestinian cause, embraces the pagan festival of Halloween, hosted film festival, and mega music concert. The US has lost its credibility and cannot be trusted due to extrajudicial executions, silence over the assassination of General Soleimani, appeasing Zionist Israel, breaking international agreements such as JCPOA, withdrawal from Afghanistan, and Paris Climate Treaty.These events have undercut the credibility of colonists in the world. Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said “We’re a laughing stock.”While Ben Rhodes publicly pleaded with Biden not to appease Israel and MBS by saying: “Do not think there is any ounce of good faith that will be coming your way from Bibi Netanyahu, from MBS, and from the Tom Cottons of this world.These people have no interest in deal. They’ve never had an interest in a deal.Europeans have failed miserably for their independence to abide by JCPOA protocols or to circumvent the American policy of maximum pressure on Iran which has a marginal effect on the government, but severe pain to the Iranians. Going forward U.S. cannot be trusted because the US can revoke any international agreements when a new president comes to power.Thus, Russia, China, Turkey, Pakistan, and the countries of Central Asia will play a prominent role in Iran’s global foreign policy and regional trade.The above countries have supported Iran’s position on the ballistic missile program, calling for the removal of U.S. sanctions as a precondition for Iran’s return to its commitments under the JCPOA.China, Turkey, and Russia have become Iran’s best economic, financial, and technological collaborators. Under Raisi Iran will flourish. Since becoming President Raisi has signed numerous strategic agreements with Russia and China.

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