Murree Tragedy

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Fawad Hussain Samo
Apparently due to the snowfall storm in Murree thousands of vehicles were stuck and numerous tourists were compelled to stay day and night in their cars. The capacity of car parking is thirty-four thousand, but more than the said number of cars entered the premises of murree area. In addition to that, federal minister for information, Fawad Chaudhry and Dr Shabaz Gill issued ridiculous statements regarding the tourists in Murree. Interior minister, Shaikh Rashid,owned up that it was a mistake not to have taken precautionary steps to avoid this incident. Now tradition has developed, the government comes into action and takes reasonable measures to deal with the situation after the terrible incident happens. It is unfortunate that the local administration failed to update the tourists regarding the grave situation created by the intense snowfall storm. It is immensely shameful that the Punjab government seems to have failed to keep information regarding conditions that occurred in murree. Punjab’s government, from CM to local administration, remained unaware of the situation. Strange to know that after an immense tragedy, prime minister Imran Khan, ordered an inquiry to be constituted. Why didn’t the local administration take precautionary steps to prevent such a grave incident? Apparently, twenty-five people have lost their lives due to unavailability of proper information about the snowfall storm and negligence of local administration. In our country, terrible incidents happen first and the government and local administration wake up late. Local administration and Punjab government disregarded the Metrologist warnings. The local administration showed intense negligence and the Punjab government did not alert the local administration as well regarding the snowfall storm forecasted by the Meteorological department of Pakistan. Tourists made fuss of the local people who could have extended help to the people but none of the locality showed any hospitable attitude to the people stuck over there. Hefty expenditure of hotels drove the tourists to move to other areas to stay the night. carbon monoxide gas caused the death of the people who made use of heaters in their cars. Action needed to be taken against those who did not fulfil their responsibility and promising future long-term measures to be planned to avoid such incidents in future. Sincerity, devotion and commitment is required to protect the lives of people. The state is responsible to take reasonable, effective and timely measures to provide the people a safe recreational atmosphere. The people should not be lectured as the federal ministers did in their respective statements. The Punjab government should not blind to the reality and responsibility.

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